Big Picture Thinking…for Those In Control 

System Mapboard technology solutions that deliver a reliable Wide-Area View, excellent System Visualization and enhanced Situational Awareness to critical decision makers within utility control and dispatch environments.

In need of a System Visualization tool that ensures a reliable Wide-Area View?

When you need wide-area snapshot visualization of your system during normal operations or during a crisis, our System Mapboards deliver a reliable source of total connectivity and system status when digital sources of system information have been compromised or when other video displays have been dedicated to provide more detailed system information. The certainty and availability of  the information presented on the mapboard reduces your risk and ensures business continuity.

Searching for clarity in your System Visualization tools?

Monitor System Mapboards are a simple yet effective visualization tool that bring clarity to the current status and conditions of a complex electrical system.  Our display technologies present System Operators with a clear, concise picture of system conditions that allow them to make critical decisions in a timely manner, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of  the system they are operating.

Looking to optimize Situational Awareness?

It is critical that System Operators have a cognitive map of normal system connectivity and status so that they can quickly recognize abnormal conditions that are caused by an outage or switching operation. Monitor System Mapboards enhance Situational Awareness by presenting changes quickly and providing System Operators with easy access to pertinent information at the right time without an unmanageable amount of detail.

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