Hybrid System Mapboards

Scadaboard is a Real-Time monitoring display wall technology that utilizes data visualization software and hi-res front projection to bring Real-Time digital content to a dynamic or static modular Monitor Mapboard. This hybrid display solution delivers optimal Situational & Operational Awareness, cost-efficiency and reliability to 24/7 electric utility control rooms. Scadaboard is an excellent solution for utilities managing NERC requirements, high reliability and availability standards, critical infrastructure protection (CIP) requirements, compliance regulations and security constraints. Scadaboard will also assist in protecting threats to the power grid by providing information that allows operators to prevent situations before they occur and restore faster when the escalation of a situation is inevitable. When compared to alternative digital mapboard technologies, Scadaboard is a longer term, scalable  solution that reduces risk and guarantees business continuity during outages or when other electronic systems are compromised or fail.  This solution delivers the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of digital content with the certainty of the information presented on the mapboard.   To learn more about Scadaboard as well as other hybrid display wall concepts, please contact us using the portal provided on this page.

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